Anne Merrow

Long Thread Podcast: Lilly Marsh, Custom Weaver

Season 9, Episode 5: Weaving together the threads of her regional fiber network, Lilly Marsh keeps consumers—and shepherds—warm with the cloth she creates.

Long Thread Podcast Spotlight Episode: Yarn Barn of Kansas

At conferences, in your mailbox, or in their small-town storefront, Susan and Jim Bateman operate your local yarn store for weaving, spinning, knitting, and crochet.

Long Thread Podcast: Justin Squizzero

Season 8, Episode 8: From his studio in the garret of his New England farmhouse, Justin produces the kind of cloth that would make weavers in every century sigh in admiration.

Silk and Natural Dye Talks at Weave Together with Handwoven

On Sunday, February 25, 2024, join us for free presentations and a trip to the marketplace.

Long Thread Podcast Spotlight Episode: Suri Network

You may think you know alpacas, but have you ever worked with Suri alpaca yarn? In this episode, two farmers reveal the secrets of this special fiber.

Long Thread Podcast: Deb Essen

Season 7, Episode 10: From the simplest pin loom to the most complex draw loom, designer and teacher Deb Essen explores the structures and surprises of handweaving.

Long Thread Podcast: Daryl Lancaster

Season 7, Episode 5: From her childhood sewing beside her tailor mother to decades teaching weavers to make great garments, Daryl Lancaster has never had a bad day at the sewing machine—and she says you shouldn't fear the scissors.

Long Thread Podcast: Linda Ligon

Season 6, Episode 1: A fanatical weaver, Linda Ligon started a newsletter at her dining room table with an electric typewriter. Decades later, she's still in love with words on paper.

Long Thread Podcast: Marcia Young

Season 5, Episode 9: From a newsletter built on her kitchen table to stewardship of a list of craft books, Marcia Young's craft medium is independent media.

Long Thread Podcast: Kris Bruland

Season 5, Episode 4: Begun as a side project, is a weaving draft library, collection of weaving software tools, archive of historic textile material, and weaving community—and Kris Bruland keeps looking for new ways to improve it.