Long Thread Podcast: Linda Ligon

Season 6, Episode 1: A fanatical weaver, Linda Ligon started a newsletter at her dining room table with an electric typewriter. Decades later, she's still in love with words on paper.

Anne Merrow Jan 14, 2023 - 2 min read

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More than spinning, weaving, stitching, or any of the other crafts she's written and published about, Linda Ligon is fascinated by the people who make traditional textiles. From Peruvian spinners to Miao embroiderers to Navajo weavers, the people who make cloth the way their ancestors did have a special interest for her.

Many of the people who know Linda Ligon's work don't know her by name (which is just fine with her). Linda founded Interweave in 1975, and it went on to become a craft juggernaut. After selling the company, she founded Thrums Books, which published highly illustrated, immersive books about traditional textiles around the world. She cofounded Long Thread Media in 2019, bringing three of her original publications (Spin Off, Handwoven, and PieceWork) home.

Bringing together textiles, stories, words, and images is Linda's life work—but she never loses her fascination for one person in particular: the reader.

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Anne Merrow is a cofounder of Long Thread Media.