Handwoven Project Paperwork

Project paperwork for Handwoven and Little Looms Magazine.

Handwoven Editors Sep 1, 2020 - 1 min read

Handwoven Project Paperwork Primary Image

Have a project due for Handwoven or Easy Weaving with Little Looms but can't find your paperwork? Download everything here.

Please note that these are all generic forms so you'll need to update with specific issue information.

Do not send physical projects in unless you are asked for them. All project proposals must be sent via the submission form. Contributors will be notified if and when physical projects should be sent in and will be provided with a project return form. Any unsolicited projects will be sent back to the designer.

Multishaft Loom Project Template

Rigid-Heddle Loom Project Template (Handwoven)

Pin-Loom Project Template (Handwoven)

Inkle/Card Project Template (Handwoven)

Rigid-Heddle Loom Project Template (Little Looms)

Pin Loom Project Template (Little Looms)

LL Inkle/Card Project Template (Little Looms)