Handwoven November/December 2023 Web Extras

Access the free web extra downloads for the projects in this issue of Handwoven magazine.

Handwoven Editors Oct 20, 2023 - 2 min read

Handwoven November/December 2023 Web Extras Primary Image

Gwen Anderson's Cousins' Plaid Scarves from Handwoven November/Decmebre 2023 Photo by Matt Graves

Are you looking for the web extras from Handwoven’s November/December 2023 issue? You’re in the right place! Find your downloads, links, and more for this issue below. Plus, don’t forget to check out the new WIFs for this issue in the WIF library.

Cathy Wilcox wove potholders to match her Sunny Side Aprons. Download the pdf for those potholders here.

Gwen Anderson wove a plaid scarf for each of her five grandsons. Download the pdf of the treadlings for all five here.

Lift Plans for Table Looms

Recently a reader asked if we could provide lift plans for table-loom weavers. It turns out, that was a great question because we can! It's a fairly simple process to create lift plans using the WIFs we've already worked up during tech editing. Below you can find free PDFs of lift plans for all of the projects from this issue.