Handwoven Editorial Calendar 2022

Mulling over ideas works well for both weaving and developing editorial calendars.

Susan E. Horton Feb 11, 2021 - 4 min read

Handwoven Editorial Calendar 2022 Primary Image

Talk about slow! I started this towel project in March of last year. I cut them off the loom about 2 weeks ago. Photo by Susan E. Horton

Every year that I’ve been the editor of Handwoven, I’ve been surprised when it’s time to develop the next year’s editorial calendar. It feels like having one foot in one year and the other foot in the next year. That said, as a weaver I know that start-up on a project can be long. It works best for me if I can mull over an idea in my head, dreaming up all kinds of solutions for what I want to do before getting down to the brass tacks of designing and sampling, ordering yarn, and putting a warp on my loom.

I took the same approach in developing this editorial year. I’ve been mulling it over for a couple of months now, scribbling ideas on sticky notes, asking others for their opinions on some of my ideas, looking through old Handwovens for articles and projects that I thought were interesting, and last but not least, trying to come up with issues I’d like to receive and read. I came up with the group of themes found here.

In brief, here are the 5 themes for Handwoven 2022:

• January/February 2022—“Deep Stash”
• March/April 2022—“National Parks and Museums”
• May/June 2022—“Plain and Fancy Twills”
• September/October 2022—“Cut and Sew”
• November/December 2022—“Exploring the Ifs”


Palettes for the issues are developed as the year progresses so that we can best reflect current color trends. The palettes are released when we send out issue-specific calls for submissions. It’s noted on the calendar, but please also be aware that the dates may be adjusted as we work through the year. The most accurate dates will be in the calls for submissions.

Please note that we have changed our submission process and are also using a new submission form. We base our project selections for each issue on contributor photographs. We will review the proposals and ask for additional photographs if needed, to be sent in about 2 months after the proposal-due date. After the project-selection meeting, we will contact everyone whose project is accepted and ask that it be submitted along with the project paperwork.

If you would like to get a head start on the paperwork for a proposal you are considering, look here to choose the one that fits your project.

Please use our Handwoven submission form for proposals. Submission guidelines can be found here.

Please use the address below for inquiries that won’t fit into our submission form. Please contact us and ask for a physical address to send any pieces of your proposal that cannot be emailed.

Editorial email
[email protected]

Here’s to those of us who have to take our time to develop an idea. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Weave well,