Call for Submissions: Summer 2025—Going on Vacation

This issue focuses on textiles to take along on trips, or to use while lounging in the sun or under the stars.

Lynn Rognsvoog Jul 10, 2024 - 3 min read

Call for Submissions: Summer 2025—Going on Vacation Primary Image

What should we weave to take on vacation? Photo by Dan Dumitriu/Unsplash

Summer is prime vacation time! The Summer 2025 issue of Handwoven will focus on easy-care, easy-to-carry projects that weavers can use on their getaways, whether they‘re heading all the way to the beach or mountains, or just out the back door to the firepit.

We‘re imagining thirsty beach towels of all sorts (quick-to-dry would be a bonus), cover-ups for grown-ups and children, a set of small bags (matching, of course!) for carrying toiletries, picnic tablecloths and napkins, a wrap for after sundown or frigid AC, summery pillows for outdoor furniture, and cozy throws for chilly evenings. Structures to consider as you design? We‘re thinking waffle weaves, twills (including hopsack), canvas weave, Ms and Os, monk‘s belt—but feel free to surprise us.

And because outdoor life means that sand will get everywhere and lemonade spills are a given, your projects should be easy to care for. Plant fibers are the most likely materials, although wraps or throws may be appropriate in lightly woven wool, angora, or another animal-source fiber.

Whether you‘ve submitted projects to Handwoven before or this is your first time, we strongly encourage you to show us your ideas—you never know until you try!

Cynthia Newman’s Big Wrap Beach Blanket from May/June 2022, woven by Katzy Luhring, is ready for a day in the sun. Photo by Matt Graves

How to submit a proposal

Please use our Handwoven submission form for proposals.

Submission guidelines can be found here.

Check out the palette for the issue here.

We base our project selections for each issue on the information provided on the submission form, as well as on contributor photographs.

We will review the proposals and ask for additional photographs or information if needed, to be sent in by September 23, 2024. After the project-selection meeting, we will contact everyone whose project is accepted and ask that it be submitted along with the project paperwork by the final submissions date listed below.

Proposals for projects and articles due: August 5, 2024
Submissions in the form of photographs and article outlines due: September 23, 2024
Final submissions, including projects and paperwork, due: November 4, 2024

If you‘d like to get a head start on the paperwork, look here to choose the option that fits your project.

Please use the email address below for inquiries that won’t fit into our submission form. If pieces of your proposal cannot be emailed, please contact us and ask for a physical mail address.

Editorial email: [email protected]

I look forward to seeing your proposals!

Happy weaving,