Call for Submissions: November/December 2023—Venn Diagrams!

Where does the rest of your life intersect with weaving?

Susan E. Horton Nov 14, 2022 - 4 min read

Call for Submissions: November/December 2023—Venn Diagrams! Primary Image

Photo by Paul Herman on Unsplash

Recently I was looking for a French-style dinner roll recipe and read in the introduction to one of the recipes that the shape of the rolls was based on the traditional navette, or weaver’s shuttle in French. Unsurprisingly I picked that recipe. (Theirs looked a bit like tiny boat shuttles, mine not so much.) I’ve made weaving pieces for the kitchen—towels and potholders come to mind—but I’d never baked something before that reflected back to the weaving side of my life. I majored in French, so it felt a bit as if I had come full circle. I love to bake and weave, and I wish I still spoke French. Voilà! Win, win, win, or gagné, gagné, gagné.

The theme of the November/December 2023 issue of Handwoven is about the intersections of our readers’ other interests, hobbies, and occupations with weaving. For instance, if horses are one of your passions, you might weave horse blankets, blankets for your home that use the colors of your favorite type of horse, or even towels with tiny horse shoes on them. If you love sports, maybe you’ve woven a scarf or blanket in your team’s colors or a lanyard to hold your whistle when you are refereeing your kid’s soccer game.

Here is the issue’s official theme:

November/December 2023: Venn Diagrams

Anecdotally, we believe many weavers are also bird watchers, gardeners, and great cooks, but we want to know for sure! Does the circle that represents weaving overlap with another passion in your life? Send us projects and articles that show how you use weaving to express or perhaps accessorize your other passions.


Check out the palette for the issue here.

Please note that we have changed our submission process and are using a new submission form. We base our project selections for each issue on contributor photographs. We will review the proposals and ask for additional photographs if needed, to be sent in by mid-December 2022 for this issue. After the project-selection meeting, we will contact everyone whose project is accepted and ask that it be submitted along with the project paperwork.

Proposals for projects and articles due: 12/19/2022.
Submissions in the form of photographs and article outlines due: 02/13/2023.
Final submissions, including projects and paperwork, due: 03/27/2023.
Note: These dates have been adjusted since the 2023 editorial calendar was initially published.

If you would like to get a head start on the paperwork, look here to choose the one that fits your project.

Please use our Handwoven submission form for proposals. Submission guidelines can be found here.

Please use the email address below for inquiries that won’t fit into our submission form. Please contact us and ask for a physical address to send any pieces of your proposal that cannot be emailed.

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