Sara Lamb

Sara Lamb is happiest spinning, weaving, and dyeing, activities which provide enough variety to keep her entertained and her days full. She is currently striving to finish all the things. This will never happen.

Use Your Thrums and Weftovers: Stitching

Sara started experimenting with sewing scraps of handwoven fabrics together with her thrums with the idea of one day making a large blanket.

BY: Sara Lamb

Use your Thrums: Inlay

Use your too-good-to-throw away thrums for inlay and add interest to plain-weave fabrics.

BY: Sara Lamb

Use Your Thrums: Knotted Cut Pile

If your thrums are too nice to throw away, try turning them into magic carpets

BY: Sara Lamb

Media Picks Handwoven March April 2020

Learn about the latest and greatest weaving books with Handwoven's Media Picks department. Here's what we reviewed for the March/April 2020 issue.

The Handspinner’s Advantage

Yes, weavers have access to a lot these days, but they don’t have nearly as many choices as handspinners. Handspinners who weave can create the most personal of textiles and weave that which no one else can.

BY: Sara Lamb

Spinning a Good Yarn

Sara Lamb is a weaver, spinner, dyer, and an extraordinary teacher. She joins us today to share her path from cloth to fleece and back.

BY: Sara Lamb