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Sir Walter Scott & the Tartan Craze

Scott influenced far more than literary trends. Tartan—previously a fabric that, if seen south of the Highlands, indicated imminent fighting—soon became a mainstay of nineteenth-century fashion.

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Hail to the Hostess Bottle Bags Sewing Instructions

Here are the sewing instructions for Susan Horton's Hail to the Hostess Bottle Bags from the September/October 2016 issue of Handwoven.

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Gear Guide: Pin Loom

A pin loom is a sweet and simple way to make cloth. The shape and size of the loom determine what you can make with it—a creative challenge to weavers to transform small pieces of fabric into inventive and sometimes three-dimensional weavings.

Weave the Vientiane Scarf

Marilyn Murphy's Vientiane Scarf uses clasped weft to create pattern on a rigid heddle loom.