Free 4-Shaft Loom Weaving Projects and Patterns

4-shaft loom weaving is easier than you think with these free weaving projects and tutorials exclusively made for all levels of weaving.

Handwoven Editors Jul 10, 2017 - 5 min read

Free 4-Shaft Loom Weaving Projects and Patterns Primary Image

Learn everything you need to know about 4-shaft loom weaving with these free projects and tutorials.

I learned to weave on 8-shaft looms, so I went out and bought an eight-shaft loom, bought a book of eight-shaft patterns, and wove for several years without ever thinking about what could be done with four shafts. And then I bought a copy of Marguerite Porter Davison's Handweaver's Pattern Directory, full of 4-shaft loom weaving patterns, and was blown away by the possibilities. My creativity works best within parameters, so I welcomed the challenge of working with four shafts. But as I learned more about weaving, I began to see that the possibilities for creative cloth go far beyond patterning; with weave structure, color, texture, oodles of yarn choices, supplemental warps and wefts, and all the combinations thereof, I realized that four shafts present few boundaries and almost limitless possibilities. I also came to realize that some of the loveliest cloth is simple, working within one or two dimensions to produce something deeply satisfying.

There's so much you can accomplish with just four shafts! 4-shaft loom weaving opens the door to weaving with great technique. And you won't believe what you can accomplish: color and weave effects, twill, huck, lace, overshot and more!

In honor of the amazing, versatile four-shaft loom, we compiled four beautiful free 4-shaft loom weaving projects, available to you in this downloadable eBook. See the possibilities of 4-shaft weaving come to life with these patterns for handwoven dish towels and napkins.

Sneak Peek at the 4-Shaft Loom Weaving Patterns You'll Weave:

How to Weave a Twill Towel

This handwoven towel project is woven on a four-shaft loom.

Simple Twill Towels by Margaret Gaynes
Towels are a perennial favorite weaving project, because each towel on any given warp can be woven with a different weft color, treadling, or stripe sequence to create a varied but coordinating towel set. Handwoven towels make perfect gifts, too; everyone can always use more towels. This project will teach you the basics of weaving twill towels on a four-shaft loom.

How to Weave a Napkin

Learn to design stripes on a 4-shaft loom with this free weaving project.

Dutch Flag Napkins by Ericka de Ruiter
Handwoven napkins are sure to bring a personal and unique touch to any dinner or special occasion. Whether you're looking to learn a new technique, weave a special gift or create a set of colorful napkins for your own table, napkins are always a fun and gratifying project. This project will teach you how to design an attractive stripe sequence, a skill you can carry with you to countless future weaving projects.

Free Dishcloth Weaving Patterns

These handwoven towel weaving projects are perfect for learning the four-shaft loom.

Kitchen Towels in Four All-Natural Fibers by Kate Lange-McKibben
It is an amazing experience to weave the same towels in four different all-natural yarns: pearl & unmercerized cotton, pure linen, and a cotton/linen blend (cottolin). Variations in texture, color, lint-producing capacity, draw-in, shrinkage, hand, and absorbency all come into play. Choose a yarn to explore or weave coordinated sets of towels in all four yarns to test their absorbency and durability in your kitchen.

Free Towel Weaving Patterns for Four-Shaft Loom

You'll love weaving these free towel weaving patterns in this eBook.

Selections from Twelve Months, Twelve Weaves, Twelve Towels by Karen Folland
Towels make an ideal format for studying different weave structures. Patterned borders and lace textures are yours for the experimenting! Practice overshot and turned monk's belt in the two towels included in this eBook. These towels were selected from a project where a weaving study group wove a different towel every month for a year. Project includes tips for your own weaving study group!