Free Guide to Hand Weaving Supplies

Learn everything you need to know about choosing, designing and weaving with yarn in this FREE hand weaving supplies eBook for beginner weavers.

Long Thread Editorial Staff Dec 1, 2017 - 7 min read

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Weaving Shuttles. Photo Credit: George Boe.

Learn everything you need to know about making your own yarn and essential hand-weaving supplies in this free ebook.

Click on the Download Now button or link below and download your free guide on hand-weaving supplies! Yarn is the joy and sometimes the bane of handweavers. Choose the right yarns, and a project sings. Choose the wrong yarns and, instead of weaving a handsome pattern, you can spend a lot of time and money producing a nondescript mess.

  Just as a master chef knows how varied ingredients, preparation methods, and heat will work together to produce a succulent dish, knowing the relationship of yarns and weave structures enables you to create a sumptuous fabric. If you weave projects exactly as written, you will likely get good results. But what if you have to substitute yarns? Or what if you want to design a project around some particularly lovely yarn. There are so many things to consider: the grist (length/weight), elasticity, strength, shrinkage, even color. How will it work with other yarns in the project? Is there enough size difference to make an overshot pattern distinct? Is there enough color contrast to make a color-and-weave pattern pop?

When purchasing weaving supplies and selecting yarn for weaving, isn’t it true that one of the FIRST things you need to know is sometimes the LAST thing you find out. There’s nothing more frustrating than weaving happily along only to realize that you are about to run out of warp before you’ve woven the length you need! When you find an enticingly soft and lustrous skein at the yarn store, the label lists the knitting gauge, but how do you determine how that same yarn is going to respond to weaving and wet-finishing? Will it bloom, fill, or shrink?

To avoid unnecessary guesswork and to help make the most of those beautiful yarns, the experts at Interweave have put together this useful, FREE eBook on hand weaving supplies to ensure your success in selecting the perfect weaving yarns and hand weaving supplies. Start with an article providing valuable tips for weaving with yarn, including how to allow for loom waste and take-up. Then learn about designing with a new yarn for either a 2-shaft project or 4-shaft project, or start on the scarf pattern that we’ve included. Finally, take a look at our must-have guide to yarn for every weaver, including details on ends per inch, conversions, a reed chart, and more.

Sneak-Peek of the Hand Weaving Supplies You'll Learn About:

How Much Yarn Do You Need?

How much yarn do you need while weaving? Learn everything you need to know in this free ebook on hand weaving supplies.

As every weaver knows, there is nothing worse than happily weaving along and suddenly realizing that you are about to run out of warp (or weft) before you've reached the woven length you need. And then, worse yet, to find out that the yarn you need no longer exists. This is every weaver's nightmare! Included in this free eBook are helpful strategies for determining loom waste, calculating warp length, and formulating the percentage of weft take-up to ensure you don't come up short in your endeavors.

A Guide to Designing for Weaving With a New Yarn by Marilyn Murphy

Learn how to properly use a warping board in this free ebook on hand weaving supplies.

You're in the yarn shop surveying the vast selection of yarn and begin stroking a wonderfully soft skein. The gauge is listed on the label, which is helpful for knitters, but you're looking for the perfect yarn for weaving. Without a yarn guide geared towards weaving, it's hard to predict how this beautiful yarn will behave during wet-finishing. Will it bloom, full, or shrink? Marilyn Murphy walks you through step-by-step instructions for determining wraps per inch, how to weave a sample, and methods for washing a sample to assess fulling and to measure shrinkage. She's also included a beautiful woven scarf pattern to use on either a 2-shaft or 4-shaft loom.

A Weaver's Guide to Yarn

This free guide includes everything you ever needed to know about weaving yarn, including weaving sett, reeds, and more.

This free yarn guide is a must-have for every craft enthusiast! Besides listing yarn weight and ends-per-inch for a variety of fibers including wool, silk, linen, rayon, blends, and bamboo, you'll also find a "Reed Chart," a "Knitting-yarn directory," and a "Count System" for determining yardage. If you love weaving with yarn and enjoy experimenting with different fibers, then don't miss the opportunity to download this eBook.

There is nothing more frustrating than running out of warp before you reach the woven length you need! Now is your chance to download these invaluable weaver’s yarn guides and tips for avoiding weaving mishaps. The yarn charts, tables, and measuring techniques included in these free guides will help ensure your weaving success.

The three helpful tutorials included in this downloadable eBook will appeal to both novice and experienced weavers alike! Whether you are new to weaving yarns or are a skilled weaver who has been looking for some great tips and helpful resources, you’ll appreciate the information (and the free scarf pattern) included in this free eBook.

Whether you want to weave from a recipe or whip up a frothy creation from your own imagination, knowing how to choose and design with yarn will make you a happier, more successful handweaver. When you choose the right hand weaving supplies, you'll be well on your way to producing just the fabric you want.