Weekend Weaving: Easy Street Napkins and Runner

A rigid-heddle pattern for napkins and a matching runner. It all adds up to a great weekend weaving project.

Christina Garton May 17, 2018 - 2 min read

Weekend Weaving: Easy Street Napkins and Runner Primary Image

Easy Street Napkins and Runner from the Best of Handwoven: Rigid-Heddle Technique and Pattern Book #3.

First off I’d like to welcome you to our new weekly feature Weekend Weaving where we’ll suggest beginner-friendly projects for you to get started this weekend.

If you haven’t started your Christmas weaving yet there’s no need to panic, especially if you have a rigid-heddle loom. These little looms are an absolute snap to warp so you can go from picking out your yarns to weaving in no time flat. So if you want to weave up something special for your table or as a hostess gift, this is the perfect time to weave up a rigid-heddle loom project.

Our suggestion for this weekend weaving project is Jenny Sennott’s gorgeous Easy Street Napkins and Runner from the Best of Handwoven: Rigid-Heddle Techniques and Pattern Book #3. Woven in 5/2 and 10/2 cotton along with some cotton flake, this runner and napkin set is rife with possibilities. Weave it as written or substitute more seasonal colors. I think this would look absolutely stunning woven in warm golds, browns, and oranges with maybe just a hint of red. Don’t have any flake yarn? Don’t worry! You can just use 5/2 cotton instead.

The project makes a runner and four napkins so it’s perfect for a cozy family dinner. If you want more napkins, just add on 24 more inches to your warp for each napkin you’d like to add. Going somewhere else for dinner and need a host or hostess gift? Instead of weaving the runner and napkins, use the project as the basis for a set of towels. The possibilities are endless!

I hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving this year and whatever you weave, I hope it’s wonderful!