Untangled: A Crafty Sheep’s Guide to Tapestry Weaving

Rebecca Mezoff's little tapestry book, Untangled might be just what you need to get your tapestry weaving on track.

Rebecca Mezoff and Susan E. Horton Oct 24, 2019 - 3 min read

Untangled: A Crafty Sheep’s Guide to Tapestry Weaving Primary Image

This adorable tapestry tips book is the product of a collaboration between Rebecca Mezoff, a tapestry artist and educator, and Molly McNeece, an art educator and children’s book illustrator. Rebecca and Molly are cousins and they share a humor-soaked view of life which is evident in the book.

You won’t learn how to weave a tapestry from start to finish by reading this book. What you will learn from Untangled are some of the tapestry techniques Rebecca offers in her in-person workshops, but now with the decided advantage of Molly’s hilarious sheep and spider illustrations to help you remember them.Untangled illo crop by Meece

Do you sometimes feel like this when you are weaving a tapestry––all tangled up? Illustration by Molly McNeece

These tips and tricks that will make your tapestry weaving more fun and enjoyable. Can’t remember how to wind a butterfly? Untangled will teach you that, as well as how to make a double-ended butterfly when you are using the same color in two different places. Can’t quite recall how “meet and separate” works? The text and illustrations will help you, and her section called “Adding and Subtracting Colors” will clarify some aspects of tapestry weaving that can be tricky.

I took a tapestry class from Rebecca a few years ago. I will readily admit I probably wasn’t one of her best students, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The special trick I remember from her class is her swivel technique, the method she uses to combine plies of differently colored yarns. I couldn’t quite remember how it worked so I was glad to see it in Untangled. It’s clever and I think I can apply it to other types of weaving besides tapestry.

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Weave well,
Susan and Rebecca