Free Guide to Weaving on a Loom

Learning how to weave on a loom is easier than you think with this FREE eBook that includes the basics of weaving, weaving looms, weaving terms, and more!

Long Thread Editorial Staff Dec 1, 2017 - 7 min read

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Learn how to weave on a loom with this free eBook, including a free weaving pattern.

Click on the Download Now button or link below to learn how to weave or perfect certain loom-weaving skills! Chances are when friends and family see the stunning pieces you have woven on your loom, someone says, "I want to learn how to weave."

Learning how to weave can seem very intimidating. After all, there’s a lot to learn: warping a loom, getting your weaving tools together, understanding all that confusing weaving terminology, and the process of weaving itself! This free guide will to take away some of the confusion and get you weaving.

You’ll get expert advice on everything you need to learn to weave on a loom. Whether you weave on a 4-shaft loom, 8-shaft loom, or even a rigid-heddle loom, this guide will get you started out on the right foot: warping, weaving, and finishing.

The eBook even includes a free weaving pattern for a pair of fulled wool scarves, perfect for beginning weavers. You’ll get the chance to practice your new weaving skills as you learn to weave more efficiently and evenly.

Learn How to Weave with these Free Weaving Projects:

How to Warp a Loom

Learning how to warp a loom is a key part of learning how to weave.

Steps for Warping: Front to Back and Back to Front by Madelyn van der Hoogt Simply follow the step-by-step weaving loom instructions in the first section of this free eBook and you will be a master at warping from front to back and back to front, in no time. There's no right way to warp—use the method that's most comfortable for you at your own loom. Read the expert tips provided for you, while looking at the images for guidance. There is even a picture of a loom with each part labeled for you, so you have no trouble following the instructions.

List of Weaving Tools

Learn about the weaving tools you need to use.

What Equipment Do I Really Need? by Madelyn van der Hoogt In this section, you will learn all of the necessary equipment you need to learn how to weave. It's always hard for new weavers to know how to set priorities for what to buy, especially since weaving equipment can be expensive. So what do you really need? Everyone knows you need a loom, but there are many other accessories to consider as well. Some of the other equipment needed to do various types of weaving projects are a warping board, lease sticks, bobbins, and the list goes on. Get the complete list when you download this free eBook.

Weaving Dictionary

Learn about weaving terms in this free ebook.

Weaving Terminology One of the biggest obstacles to learning how to weave is that pesky weaving terminology. Not only are most weaving terms ordinary words that mean something else, but different sources use the same words for different things, or different words for the same things. It can be confusing to say the least. To make matters worse, weaving terms can usually only be understood in relation to other weaving terms, so to know one, you really have to know them all. This tutorial covers the most important weaving terms all weavers should understand.

Liked That Warp? Keep Weaving on It!

Learn about weaving loom instructions in this free ebook.

Tie One On by Madelyn van der Hoogt Do you even finish weaving on a warp and wish you could use that same threading again, but in a different color? Did you run out of warp before you ran out of ideas? Learn how you can simply tie a new warp onto the ends of the previous warp threads, saving yourself hours? This is a crucial part of loom weaving for beginners, as it allows you to spend your time weaving rather than warping. We'll walk you through with detailed instructions and pictures. Keep on weaving on!

Beginner Scarf Weaving Project

Learn how to weave on a loom in this free ebook.

Fulled Wool Scarves by Madelyn van der Hoogt Warp up your 4-shaft loom and weave up a pair of warm, cuddly scarves in a satisfying plaited twill. The weaving sett is loose to allow the wool yarn to full nicely when you wet-finish, and that also makes the weaving go quickly. This is a perfect introduction to loom weaving for beginners. If you want to practice changing warp colors by tying on a new warp, this project is perfect as there are only 84 warp ends to deal with.

If you’re just learning how to weave, start with an overview of the must-have equipment you’ll need, as well the descriptive weaving terminology section. Weaving terminology can be confusing, so this guide will be invaluable as you learn to weave.

Then you’re ready to learn how to warp a loom! Learn both front to back and back to front warping, with instruction from the great Madelyn van der Hoogt. She’ll teach you about winding the warp, tying secure knots, and warp tension. You’ll even learn how to tie a second warp onto one you’ve already woven!

Finally, check out the free weaving project included in the eBook! Weave a pair of fulled wool scarves in twill while you master your weaving techniques.