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From Samples to Project in One Go

Reading Yarn Labs is a quick way to learn about a yarn without sampling yourself. In this PDF download, we have paired a wonderful Yarn Lab with a project by the same designer.

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Best Practices: Interpreting Drafts and Series Download

Where do you turn when you have weaving questions? This collection of articles will answer most, if not all, of your questions!

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Coping with Harness Envy: Reducing Multi-shaft Drafts to 4-shafts

It's frustrating to love an 8-shaft pattern when you only have a 4-shaft loom. In this article from March/April 2018, Madelyn describes how to reduce 8-shaft twill drafts to 4-shafts. We tried her methods on some recent drafts, check out our results!

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Idea Gallery: Double Knit to Doubleweave

Yvonne set herself the challenge of weaving a scarf that looks much like a knitted scarf that she loves. A link to her draft, pick-up instructions, and pick-up charts is included in this post.

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Yarn Lab: A Fine Line

Elisabeth gravitated to the finer yarns offered by Silk City Fibers when planning her samples for this Yarn Lab.

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Black Cat Towels

Weaving isn't instantaneous! Start weaving these Halloween-themed towels now to decorate your kitchen or give to your friends this fall.

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Fun With Finnweave

Once you get the hang of it, finnweave is quicker to weave than doubleweave pick-up. Give it a try!

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Planning a Weaving Project Part 3

You've gotten to the point of knowing what you are weaving and what you are weaving with, here's how to figure out warp length and how much yarn you'll need for your project.

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Yarn Lab: A Luscious Blend from Sanjo Silk

Liz Moncrief sampled with Sanjo Silk's Silk Linen, a yarn she was already a fan of. Her sampling solidified her love for this beautiful blend.

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Planning a Weaving Project: Part 2

Balance in weaving has multiple meanings. You can balance a design or a draft, and you can weave balanced weave. Susan and Melissa break it all down in this second part of the series.