Reader’s Gallery—Scarves and Wraps with a Message

I sit in the lucky position of seeing the many beautiful scarves and shawls submitted to our Reader’s Gallery. Here are just a few.

Susan E. Horton Oct 28, 2020 - 4 min read

Reader’s Gallery—Scarves and Wraps with a Message Primary Image

From left to right: Janet Medina’s Overshot Shawl; Melodie Usher’s Trio of Scarves—Weaving Is in My DNA / DNA Is in My Weaving; and Donna Steir’s Sunrise, Sunset Scarf. All photos by designers.

I’m having a blast seeing the beautiful scarves and shawls being submitted for our Reader’s Gallery to wrap up 2020. I am also humbled by some of the messages and thankful for our weaving community. See below for the messages sent with the 3 photographs above and scroll down farther to see more entries. There is still time to send your photos for the Gallery and participate in the Giveaway. Entries are due by November 10. —Susan

Designer Statements

Janet Medina: This shawl was my first attempt at weaving overshot. I attended a fabulous class taught by Tom Knisely on weaving overshot shawls with several different patterns. This shawl was woven in mercerized cotton in one of my favorite colorways. Over the length of the class, we covered extensive theory about overshot and then spent hours weaving the various patterns. While I know it is not perfect, I felt wonderful and encouraged about what I had accomplished.

Melodie Usher: Weaving is not a choice for me but something I feel compelled to do. Since I inherited my first loom, weaving has been my passion. This pattern is based on the double helix of human DNA. Just like humans, the structure is the same, but differences exist. My trio of scarves is one set of DNA expressed in three ways.

Donna Steir: Every day is a new beginning. Sunrise/sunset—start again, strive to do your best, reach higher, smile brighter, focus on the light.

RGallery 2000 x 1000

From left to right: Malynda Allen’s Favorite Wool Shawl; Samantha Haring’s Color and Chaos Shawl; and Beverly Anglin’s Purple Pin-Loom Shawl. All photos by the designers.


Designer Statements

Malynda Allen: My favorite wool shawl reminds me that “I can do this!” I wanted to weave a warm shawl from handspun yarn, so I gathered many small skeins, samples, and leftovers from knitting. Then I randomly warped my rigid-heddle loom with my collected handspun yarn. After finishing, I stood back and decided I had a very ugly warp! Through sampling, I chose a lovely teal that greatly improved and unified my odd, leftover warp. Weaving this very sticky, too dense warp in warp-faced plain weave was also a challenge. It took a lot of patience, but I am very pleased with the finished shawl.

Samantha Haring: There’s nothing wrong with a little chaos and a lot of color! A bright and bold shawl always makes for a happy shawl wearer (and weaver!).

Beverly Anglin: Purple, the mark of royalty. Women should be treated with respect as if they were royalty. Be proud, be leaders and mentors, creators and artisans. I love the warm rich tones of purple. It’s a caress that helps creativity and ingenuity flow. Live life with abandon wrapped up in purple!