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Planning a Weaving Project: Part 2

Balance in weaving has multiple meanings. You can balance a design or a draft, and you can weave balanced weave. Susan and Melissa break it all down in this second part of the series.

Susan Bateman , Melissa Parsons May 23, 2022 - 7 min read

Planning a Weaving Project: Part 2  Primary Image

Keith Lily’s Oak Forest Towels from Handwoven Jan/Feb 2022. Keith used red borders and thin red stripes in the warp to ground the design, which isn’t strictly balanced color-wise but still very pleasing to the eyes. Photo by Matt Graves

Here is the second part of this series about planning weaving projects by Susan Bateman and Melissa Parsons of the Yarn Barn of Kansas. In the first part, they addressed how to get started by narrowing the options to start a plan and how to develop the outlines of a project and draft. This part of the series is about some of the many ways that balance affects a design and a draft. —Susan E. Horton

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