A Slice of Layer Cake Runner | Pattern PDF

Project Type Table Linens/Kitchen
Loom Type Multi-Shaft Floor or Table
Number of Shafts 2
Weave Structures Plain Weave
Magazine Issue Handwoven Summer 2024
Author Rebecca Fox
Format Project/Pattern

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Weavers dabble in all types of fiber pursuits, and I am no exception. I love quilt fabrics, although I’m not much of a quilter. When I saw precut fabric squares in a neutral palette from black to white with shades of gray, I immediately wanted to use them to weave something. I have since learned that the precut 10" squares are known as layer cakes, while precut long strips 2½" wide are known as jelly rolls. (I do wonder why these precut fabrics have food-related names.)

Using fabric strips as weft is not a new idea. Weavers have recycled old fabrics into rag rugs for ages. If you have a stash of precut quilt fabrics, you can make use of them with this project.

Enjoy this subscriber bonus project from Handwoven Summer 2024.

Plain weave.

2-shaft loom, 10" weaving width; 12-dent reed; 1 boat shuttle; 1 stick shuttle; 2 bobbins.

Warp: 8/2 unmercerized cotton (3,360 yd/lb; Valley Yarns; WEBS), #8990 Black, 136 yd; #8001 White, 32 yd; #8682 Silver Gray, 64 yd. 8/2 unmercerized cotton (3,360 yd/lb; UKI; Yarn Barn of Kansas), #02 Charcoal, 64 yd.
Weft: 8/2 unmercerized cotton, #8990 Black, 50 yd. 8/4 cotton carpet warp (1,600 yd/lb; Yarn Barn of Kansas), #83 Black, 10 yd. Toscana layer cake quilting cotton, 10" square (100% cotton fabric; Northcott), Evening Shadow precut tiles, 1 pack.

Pinking shears, 5 mm; rotary cutter; self-healing cutting mat.

148 ends 2 yd long (allows 5" for take-up, 33" for loom waste; loom waste includes fringe).

Warp: 36 epi (3/dent) and 6 epi (1 every other dent) in a 12-dent reed.
Weft: about 9 ppi (body) and 24 ppi (hems).

Width in the reed: 87/12".
Woven length: 34".
Finished size: 9½" × 30" plus 2" fringe.

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