Happy Shuttle and Stars Linen Towel Pattern

Project Type Towels, Table Linens/Kitchen
Loom Type Multi-Shaft Floor or Table
Number of Shafts 10, 8
Number of Treadles 10, 9
Weave Structures Lace (all)
Magazine Issue Handwoven May/June 2013
Author Rita Hagenbruch
Format Project/Pattern

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Rita Hagenbruch's cheery Happy Shuttle and Stars Linen Towels are as functional as they are beautiful. Hang them up to decorate your kitchen and then use them to dry your dishes until they're sparkly clean. These towels were originally published in the May/June 2013 issue of Handwoven. The 10-shaft or 8-shaft plus pickup instructions given here are to weave the lace shuttle design with a cute curve to the “yarn” coming from the shuttles.

Note, the attached PDF has been corrected to include the part of the 10-shaft draft that was cut off at the top.

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