Black Cat Towels Pattern PDF + WIFs

Project Type Towels, Table Linens/Kitchen
Loom Type Multi-Shaft Floor or Table, Dobby
Number of Shafts 12
Number of Treadles 22
Weave Structures Summer and Winter
Author Sherrie Amada Miller
Format Project/Pattern

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Weavers seem to have an affinity for cats. For many of us, cats are our best weaving buddies. Designer Sherrie Amada Miller always enjoyed the challenge of including animal imagery in her weaving, and inspiration struck when her cat perched on top of her loom. It was then she knew it was time to add a cat towel to her collection of animal-themed pieces.

These are a fun stash-busting summer and winter project, perfect keeping for your own kitchen or gifting to friends and family. Mix up the colors to make towels for any season, or weave them in oranges and black for Sherrie's Halloween look.

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