Handwoven May/June 1987

Project Type Towels, Table Linens/Kitchen, Home, Blankets, Garments, Scarves/Shawls, Rugs, Bags
Loom Type Multi-Shaft Floor or Table, Dobby
Number of Shafts 4, 8, 2, 10, 12
Number of Treadles 4, 6, 2, 8, 3
Weave Structures Overshot, Other, Plain Weave, Twill, Pile Weave
Author Handwoven Editors
Format Magazine

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Enjoy this digital issue of Handwoven May/June 1987. Discover the joy of weaving for children with projects, ideas, and fabric inspiration. Plus, learn how to sponsor a workshop and experiment with Color and Weave with floats.


  • Scandinavia Revisited: Reflections on the Weaver's Art by Charles S. Talley
  • From Hand To Hand: Swedish Weaving Today by Hans Krondahl
  • Rag Weaving: A History of Necessity and Rag Table Runner by Anna-Maja Nylén
  • Continuing the Tradition: Reinterpreting Old Weaves for Today and Tomorrow by Margaretha Essen-Hedin
  • Danish Textiles: At Home In a Changing World by Charles S. Talley
  • Danish Design: Form Follows Function by Eileen Harrison Beer
  • Weaving In Rural Norway: A Living Tradition by Lila Nelson
  • Traditional Dukagång For Contemporary Textiles
  • Rugs In the Scandinavian Way
  • Icelandic Weaving: Saga In Wool by Hildur Hakonard6ttir
  • Krossvefnadur (rölakan): A Nordic Tapestry Technique
  • Finnish Textile Art: From Byzantine To Bauhaus by Kirsti Rantanen
  • Skillbragd: A Decorative Pattern Weave
  • Glit: An Icelandic Inlay Technique by Louise B. Heite
  • Artist and Industry—A Cooperative Effort by Charles S. Talley
  • Finnish Ryijy (Rya)
  • A Textile Resource Guide To the Nordic Countries compiled by Charles Talley


  • Idea Notebook: No More Hot Hands—A Handwoven Skillet Holder!
  • Upphämta Display Towel
  • Rag Table Runner
  • "Blue Chest of Drawers" Wall Hanging
  • Heritage Tablecloth
  • Inspired Bedspread
  • Wool Shawl
  • Black & White Rug
  • Tin & Tapestry Wall Hanging
  • Rose Jacket in Twill
  • Lenten Pulpit Antependium (Minister's Set)
  • Bound Rosepath Rug
  • Skillbragd Runner
  • Glit Coat
  • Cross-weave Tapestry
  • Pile Vest
  • "Poppana" Shopping Bag
  • Tussah Silk Top


  • Your Weaving Teacher: Weaving-Better Than Bridge by Deborah Chandler
  • Finishing Finesse: Tacky-To-Tasteful-Finishing Touches for Household Linens by Louise Bradley
  • Interface: Computer Networking by Carol and Stewart Strickler

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