Handwoven September/October 2020 Call For Submissions

We think weaving is on the upswing! Send us your projects and articles about Thoroughly Modern Weaving!

Susan E. Horton Oct 11, 2019 - 3 min read

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Bonnie Innouye's Jin Silk scarf in Loom Theory 2018 was designed using modern software.

Call for Submissions Handwoven September/October 2020

Ever notice how seemingly benign moments stick in your mind? I was demonstrating weaving a scarf at a community event—a man watched me for a few minutes, and then told me “You know, you could automate that.” I refrained from asking him where he thought his sheets came from although I did tell him that most fabric is woven in factories and not on handlooms. His comment made me start thinking about how lucky we are. In today’s world, we can weave to express ourselves creatively and not out of necessity.

Not only do we get to weave for pleasure but we also are living in a time when, at least to me, weaving seems to be on the upswing. Here some things that I see as signs of a surge in weaving’s popularity:

• New yarns such as Seacel and Tencel. • Renewed interest in niche yarns such as paper and banana fiber. • Online weaving communities that support all types of weavers: rigid-heddle, tapesty, and complex weaving, to name a few. • Looms and studio equipment that have features not readily available a few years ago such as variable-dent heddles and fan reeds, as well as table-top dobby looms. • Computer software that helps us design fabrics and delve into weave structures before putting a single thread on the loom. • A constant stream of new books about everything from weave structures to pin-loom weaving.

For those reasons and more we decided to focus the Handwoven September/October 2020 issue on modern weaving.


Here is the official description of the issue theme:

September/October – “Thoroughly Modern Weaving”

Many people, and not just us, think that weaving is growing in popularity. We’re not sure if it’s due to great new yarns, new equipment, technical weaving innovations, or the DIY community’s embrace of the craft. Send us your projects and articles that reflect your take on thoroughly modern weaving.

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Proposals for projects and articles due: 10/18/2019 Submissions due: 01/09/2020

Mail proposals and inquiries to: Handwoven September/October 2020

Editorial USPS address: Long Thread Media PO Box 2579 Loveland CO 80539

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Email: [email protected]

Please send me your proposals for articles and projects that reflect weaving as we know it today and be thankful you don’t have to weave sets of sheets.

Weave well, Susan