Get Ready for the Holidays—Little Looms Holiday

Just because it’s still autumn doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about the winter holiday season!

Christina Garton Sep 30, 2020 - 5 min read

Get Ready for the Holidays—Little Looms Holiday Primary Image

Little Looms Holiday 2020, featuring Evergreen Hat by Hazel Spencer, Cocoa Bear by Gabi van Tassell, and Inkle Krokbragd Guitar Strap by Joan Sheridan. Photo Credit: Matt Graves

Okay, I know it’s still autumn. I know it’s not even Halloween yet. While normally I am not one to think about winter when the leaves are still on the trees, I can’t help but get excited about the holidays-yet-to-come. Part of that is because as I’m writing this, I am 9 months pregnant with Baby #2 and looking forward to celebrating with a newly expanded family, but a good chunk is because I am so excited to share with you all my other-other baby, Little Looms Holiday 2020, a new special issue of Handwoven devoted to festive wintery weaving for rigid-heddle, pin, and inkle looms.

My goal when putting together this first-ever issue of Little Looms Holiday was to create a magazine filled with projects that were focused on more than just individual holidays (although there’s plenty of that!) but on general winter festivity as a whole—though “holiday” is in the title, there are projects in this magazine you’ll want to weave all winter (and all year) long. Here's a snapshot of what you'll find inside.

Anne Merrow Tree Scarf and Tammy Bast Silver Linings Shawl

Anne Merrow’s Tree Scarf and Tammy Bast’s Silver Linings Shawl.

First, I have to gush about Anne Merrow’s Tree Scarf. It’s asymmetrical, something I love, and as part of that asymmetry on one side you’ll find fringe and on the other there are the most wonderful little tassels. It’s such a little thing, but they really do steal the whole show. Then there’s Tammy Bast’s Silver Linings Shawl. The ethereal, shimmery shawl reminds me a bit of the fictional metal mithril from Lord of the Rings. It’s certainly a shawl worthy of an elven queen.

Elisabeth Hill's Napkins

If you’re looking for fun holiday napkins, look no further than these designs by Elisabeth Hill.

In the home décor section, Elisabeth Hill designed not one set, but two, of extra-fun holiday napkins. One set is designed to fold up into little Santa hats while the other folds into dreidels. Both sets of napkins make me smile, and as an added bonus, if they’re a bit too on the nose for you, simply leave off the pom-pom on the Santa hats and the embroidery on the dreidels, and you have two sets of napkins perfect for using all winter long.

Scandinavian Stardust Doilies by Edith van Tassell and Star Light, Star Bright by Deborah Bagley

Little Looms Holiday will have you seeing stars with Edith van Tassell’s Scandinavian Stardust Doilies and Deborah Bagley’s Star Light, Star Bright.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the pin-loom and inkle projects because I haven’t. Edith van Tassell’s Scandinavian-inspired star table toppers are sweet, elegant, and a cinch to weave and sew, making them perfect for brightening up any room quickly or for last-minute gifts. Next, while I admit I am an absolute sucker for hats with ear flaps so I’m biased, but I think everyone can agree that Hazel Spencer’s Evergreen Hat (pictured at top) is simply wonderful. I’m fairly certain you can’t have a Little Looms Holiday without pin-loom stuffies, so within this issue you’ll find a set of sharks, a happy penguin, an adorable Teddy bear, and a galaxy of stars. The inklers among us will find a set of 3-dimensional ornaments and a truly stunning krokbragd guitar strap (pictured at top), the draft for which I’m sure would be perfect for any number of items.

I could go on and on—the issue really is that good—but I hope this gives you all a snapshot of what is to come. I also hope that no matter what your situation is this year, you’re as excited about the holidays as I am.

Happy Weaving!