Free Weaving Patterns eBook

Let’s say you are just dipping your foot into the weaving world. You have a new rigid-heddle loom and you want a weaving patten for it.

Madelyn van der Hoogt Dec 15, 2015 - 5 min read

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An inkle loom and shuttle ready to weave. Photo by George Boe

Free Weaving Patterns from Weaving Today: Rigid-Heddle Loom Patterns and Huck Lace and Collapse Weave Projects

Fireside Pillow by Jane Patrick
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Learn how to do pile weave on the

rigid-heddle loom with this pillow

pattern by Jane Patrick

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Let’s say you are just dipping your foot into the weaving world. You have a new rigid-heddle loom and you want a weaving patten for it. Free Weaving Patterns not only gives project instructions by Jane Patrick for a pile-weave pillow you can weave on your new loom, it also gives directions for techniques you can use for any rigid-heddle project: leno, Italian hemstitching, Danish medallion, Brooks bouquet, and more. These needleworked embellishments will make even simple plain weave look special, whether you weave it on a rigid-heddle loom or  on a loom with shafts.

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Collapse Weave Scarf with High Energy Meriono Wool by Anne Field

Anne Field's collapse-weave scarf

is an easy-to-weave project with

a stunning outcome

If you’re ready for a loom with shafts, you are likely to be intimidated by your first look at a weaving draft. There is nothing obvious about its connection to a loom.  Drafts are actually a very handy way of giving you everything you need to know to set up your loom to weave a particular pattern. If someone had to tell you in words all the information there is in a weaving draft, it would take many pages! In Free Weaving Patterns also includes a good first project for a new weaver with a shaft loom, yet one that will also satisfy an experienced weaver. Anne Field’s collapse-weave scarf using high-energy merino is a delight to weave. The draft for it is easy to follow. The cloth looks very plain on the loom, but when it is wet-finished, the resulting pleats and furrows are simply stunning!

Detail of Anne Field's Collapse Weave Scarf
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After wet-finishing Anne Field's

project, plain looking cloth 

becomes an elegant accessory


After you’ve tackled this simple weaving pattern, you’ll be ready for huck lace.  “Huck Heaven,” by Lynn Tedder and Ruth Morrison, gives weaving patterns in huck lace for linen towels on both four-shaft and eight shaft looms. Included are lots of tips for how to beat evenly, how to get good selvedges, and how to work with linen. You’ll learn to change the pattern by changing the treadling, making huck lace a very rewarding weave structure. And, you’ll end up with a set of linen towels, each one different.