Karen Donde

Spotlight: Nevan Carling

A Passionate Champion for Loom-Building Traditions

A Designer From the Loom Up: John Mullarkey

Having bought the spinning wheel, John Mullarkey looked around for an inexpensive way to give weaving a try and spotted weaving cards (or tablets, as they are officially known).

Flipping Through the Years

Handwoven back issues and indices can be valuable resources when you are researching a weaving topic.

Fashion Trends in the Handweaving World

Wouldn't you love to see handwoven fabrics used in haute couture?

Weaving Long Enough to Know Better

A series of very bad decisions had led to a tangled four-yard supplementary warp that otherwise was the perfect fiber, color and size.

Why Stash Reduction is a Mystical Concept

Stash reduction is a great idea but difficult to do.

Satin Dreams

Satin is the backbone of Jacquard weaving because the high warp-dominant vs weft-dominant contrast creates wonderful patterning possibilities.

Here's a Toast to Alternative Second Warp Beams

Read how Karen wrestles with having only one warp beam when two would be helpful, very helpful!

The Lure of Lace

Karen Donde loves lace in all its forms. Here she is to talk about lace weaving and the many lace choices, in honor of Madelyn van der Hoogt's newest video, Weaving Lace.

Fear Not the Blank Page (or Loom)

The pressure to create a beautiful handwoven garment, scarf, or tablecloth from scratch with only a vague idea what it should look like can be paralyzing. Anita Luvera Mayer has some excellent advice for those scary moments: do something. . . anything.