Ask Madelyn: Twisting Texsolv

Is there a reason you’d want to twist your Texsolv heddles? Madelyn weighs in!

Madelyn van der Hoogt Sep 18, 2020 - 2 min read

Ask Madelyn: Twisting Texsolv Primary Image

Photo Credit: George Boe

Hello Madelyn,

I use Texsolv heddles on my loom. Recently when adding a few heddles, I accidentally twisted the bottom of one. This resulted in a heddle with the threading hole (eye) parallel with the reed (you can look straight through it). I was thinking that I could make that same “mistake” on all my heddles and then the warp threads would have a direct path from front to back much like what a metal heddle provides. Do you know if anyone does this, or if there would be a reason not to?

Thank you for your assistance.


Hi Debra!

I think this sounds great except for one potential drawback. Turning the heddle that way makes the actual heddle length a tiny bit shorter. If the heddles are tight on the shaft, it might make them harder to move. Did you do it with very many heddles? And what loom are you using them on?

(I’m not sure the position of the eye is a problem since the heddles are so flexible, but this is certainly interesting!)