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An Ode to Floats and Their Connection to Deflection

Download this pdf that walks you through the structures and projects found in Handwoven November/December 2021 and explains the cause of their threads' deflection.

Madelyn van der Hoogt Nov 22, 2021 - 1 min read

An Ode to Floats and Their Connection to Deflection Primary Image

Liz Moncrief's Take Your Turn runner, Susannah Day's Clouds of Alpaca scarf, and Jill Staubitz Hashtag Scarf are all examples of fabrics that take advantage of the tendency of floats to cause deflection in cloth. All photos by Matt Graves

There were so many great projects in Handwoven November/December 2021. We asked for deflection and our designers delivered. I asked Madelyn van der Hoogt to review the drafts and cloth and describe the source of the deflection for each of the projects.

jablonski kooistra schneider nd21

Christine Jablonski's Reflecting Pool Bed Runner, Marcia Kooitra's Honeycomb Throw, and Angela Schneider's Sawtooth Stripe Pillows each use a different weave structure that causes deflection.

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