12 Fiber Jokes You Need This Holiday

When the lights go out on the best-laid Thanksgiving plans, even the most upbeat weaver could use a good laugh. Here are a dozen of our favorites.

Susan E. Horton Nov 23, 2022 - 4 min read

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The joke was on me last Thanksgiving: The house was clean, the table was set, and I was feeling pretty smug when I put the turkey in the oven just as the power was cut. After determining that due to high winds and fire danger it wasn't coming back on until after midnight, I called one of our guests and asked if we could have the meal at her place. She was happy to help. We schlepped everything to her house in multiple trips, set up a table, and had a wonderful meal together with friends and family. It was great, but by the end, I was exhausted—and could have used a few jokes! ~Susan

It always happens, right? Just when you start enjoying your holiday meal, someone brings up politics or some other subject no one wants to talk about. But here, I am offering you a way out. When things start to get dicey, and politics or any other controversial subject raises its ugly head, remember these 12 (admittedly lame) fiber jokes you can use to change the conversation. Trust me, we at Long Thread Media are super hilarious.

Once you get rid of the awkward discussion, you can switch to something you'd rather talk about, like the weather, why the power company didn't warn you that they were going to cut your power, or better yet, your latest colonoscopy.

I hope your holiday is fun and filling and full of fiber conversations. Send us some of your favorite fiber jokes. Email us at [email protected]. The December holidays are coming, and we may need more diversions for the table!


Weave well,


P.S. My sincere thanks to Pam James, who sent me the inspiration for several of these (5, 6, and 12).

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Originally published 12/12/2017. Revised 11/18/2022.