Madelyn van der Hoogt (X)

Ask Madelyn: Too-Tight Floating Selvedge Threads

My floating selvedge threads, one on each side, are getting progressively tighter. What could the cause be, and how could I avoid it?

Ask Madelyn: How to Use a Temple

I know you recommend using a temple (stretcher) when you weave. I have had terrible luck doing that.

Ask Madelyn: A Fear of Fraying

Reducing draw-in will also prevent your selvedge ends from fraying, but how do you do it?

Handwoven Runners and Sacred Spaces

Christina shares her insights on the importance of handwoven table runners in a historical and cultural context. Get inspired for your next runner project!

Sakiori Weaving: A Legacy of Weaving with Rags

Learn about the history of sakiori weaving and how it relates to modern-day rag weaving.

A New E-Book: Color: Everything a Weaver Needs to Know!

This E-book will help you branch out in your color choices and make strides in your color use in weaving.